Outreach Kona Ranching Exhibit


The Kona Historical Society has completed one exhibit and is working on others about Kona coffee history and the multi-ethnic people of Kona and their diverse histories. For more information about our exhibits, please contact the Society.

This three-panel exhibit illustrates the origins of the cattle industry in Kona and its impact on the social and economic development of the community. The Kona Historical Society’s ranching exhibit may be seen at the following hotels: Sheraton Keauhou, Royal Kona Resort, and the Four Seasons at Hualalai.

An excerpt from the exhibit:
Growing up in the 1920s, Kapua Wall Heuer (below,third from right) worked cattle on her family’s Wall Ranch. In this photo she poses in the surf at Keauhou Bay with ranch hands after a day of shipping cattle, ca. 1940. Kapua Wall Heuer describes her experience working cattle in mauka Kona, ca. 1920.


“We used to leave here 4 o’clock in the morning and get up there because when the sun came up bright, the cattle went into the forest. When you got there, and it was still shaded, the cattle were outside or around the outside. The land up there is all forest, and then you would come across the lava, and then it’s like coming into a meadow, all grass, and when those cattle saw you coming you could always tell the wild ones. They’d immediately break from the tame ones and run into the forest and hide.”