Jeep Trips

Traversing pathways of yesteryear

Kona Historical Society returns to the mauka ranch family home of the Sherwood Greenwell family, Papaloa on Saturday, November 3 with a special Jeep Trip that will share some traditions of the Makahiki season. The Jeep Trip features a special presentation from Hannah Kihalani Springer discussing the practice of Nānā ‘Āina, to observe the land. Floral Designer Scott Seymour will demonstrate the use of plants from Kona’s mountainside in holiday arrangements such as centerpieces and wreaths. This event will include lunch and time to walk through the gorgeous landscape to gather unique plant materials to take home and create beautiful designs for your makahiki and holiday celebrations.  The cost of this excursion is $100, and includes a no-host bar and lunch served at a ranch family home.

Beginning in late October or early November when the Pleiades constellation was first observed rising above the horizon at sunset, the Makahiki period continued for four months. This season was a time to gather and pay tithes to chiefs who redistributed the gifts of the land.

As with all of our Historical Jeep Trips, guest must be current members to participate, and anyone can become a member of Kona Historical Society. To become a member or to renew a membership, please call the Kona Historical Society office at (808)323-3222 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Reservations can be made by calling the Kona Historical Society office up until October 23. Refunds will not be given if a cancellation is made less than 72 hours prior to the day of the event.

A 4WD vehicle is required but for members wishing to go that don’t have 4WD, arrangements can be coordinated if there is room in other members’ vehicles. This popular trip to Papaloa fills up quickly, so interested guests are encouraged to purchase or renew memberships and sign up as soon as possible. If there isn’t extra room in another vehicle, interested patrons will be added to a waiting list in the event additional seats are made available. Guests should bring a jacket, appropriate walking shoes, and sunscreen.

The Kona Historical Society Jeep Trip is a special program which allows access to historic and remote parts of Hawaii Island where ecological, archaeological, architectural and other elements of each region are discussed with KHS member patrons. Depending on the location of the trip, there are sometimes also performances, craft making, music, reforestation or other projects that become part of the special day with a small group of like minded people wanting a deeper understanding of the history and natural features of the land. Some of the Kona Historical Society Jeep Trips in previous years have gone to Kealapuali, an old sheep station on Palani Ranch; Mana Road, an old wagon road that winds its way between Waimea and the Saddle area; and Waiahukini, a former fishing village in the Kau district which shows evidence of habitation from the earliest period of settlement of Hawaii to modern times. Close to 200 of these trips have transpired over 4 decades with destinations that have ranged from the significant and sacred to stunningly beautiful. This is a very special member benefit.

4-WD vehicles are not provided by Kona Historical Society; Members provide their own 4-WD transportation unless the trip is supported by one of its partners, such as Hawaii Forest and Trail. To find out when our next jeep trip is scheduled check our events calendar.


“Each trip is a one-of-a-kind and yesterdays excursion was no
different.  I never tire of hearing Billy’s stories and song.  And the music….such fun!  Alan is quite a composer, historian and lovely soul.  All in all…a great day!”
~a recent jeep trip participant